zaterdag 11 februari 2017

Winter Outfits: Classic Black & White vs. Glorious Technicolor

Just a quick update post with lots of outfits and pictures.
It was my intention to wear a lot of color at the beginning of this year. But I also wore some black and white dresses/ combo's because they are just so classic and always good! So hence the title of this post ;)

Black and white:
The dress above is from the mid/late 40's. It had been laid out at some point in its life, but I decided to put the darts at the front back in, such a tight but good fit now!

The dress I wore on Christmas Day with another slip.

This was an off day really, hence the black stockings. But the dress is fab.

Just recently got this picture of when I was candygirl at Tuschinki. Love that it is such a candid shot and not a selfie.

Not technically black but it befits the simple always good style. I wore this dress for filming at the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. I was to depict a middle class 1930's housewife.

I posted this picture in my newyears post as dresses I was planning on wearing. I have worn them all :)
Plaid wool dress I bought in Brussels in December.
Just such a lovely daydress with great padded shoulders.

Oh this blue dress! I adore the color and that it is so simple and clean. Last time I wore it was at the Tweedride Rotterdam in 2015 with that same cardigan. I fell and hurt my leg rather badly. This time the outfit was not so unlucky.

I wore it in the beginning of January when my fahter came over for a visit, we both had a bit of a post-Christmas blues and we decided to have a trip down memory lane to battle it.
We visited all the addresses I lived in in and around Amsterdam since moving out at 18. These are just two of them.

Then we went to the beach.

And had poffertjes (Dutch mini-pancakes)

This dress in technicolor pur-sang. And those sleeves! It is wool so nice and warm for winter.

Like every year we had a newyears meeting of Club Interbellum. I wore a new to me dress I found the week before with a cardigan my mother knit from a 1939 pattern.
It was rather cold so I was glad the skirt was made out of thick cotton velvet.

Woolen stockings and boots, because of the expected snow/rain ;) I would have had some lovely 1940's suede shoes to pair with this outfit but I didn't want to expose them to winter weather.

The ladies from Club Interbellum in Amersfoort where we had our meeting this year.

Afterwards I had drinks at Amsterdam Centraal with some of the girls. You can see I paired my brown coat with a fur capelet.

The week after my birthday we had a shopping weekend with some vintage girls. A few were also staying at my place for a sleepover.

I wore this 1930's lace dress. A long time favorite of mine I bought in a shop in Antwerp.
My curls turned out very good and very short that day.
I used spongerollers with a strip of fabric instead of the plastic.

This is what it looked like before the brushout. Rather pretty in a way but a bit too Annie/Shirley to be taken serious ;)

Shopping with Marjolein, Jip and Willemien (who looks so tall next to the dwarfy rest of us)

Having lunch at the Waterlooplein.

In the evening I had a closet sale and sold a lot of dresses I didn't wear anymore. It had not been my intention to buy anything during the day but I found this salmon pink party-dress at Episode I couldn't resist. It's so sweet, I might as well wear it while I still can! Could imagine this being a dress for a young girl, mabe a first formal gown.

I also got some belated birthday presents. Annemarie gave me the cutest boudoir slippers and Martine gave me a dress. Both are so me, it's such a pleasure to have friends that know my taste so well!

I wore the blue dress for the first time last Saturday when going out for a coffee with a friend.

On Sunday I met up with Noortje to do some sewing an talking ;)
This is a dress the skirt is attached. The 'blouse' has a very interesting novelty print of what looks like coats of arms that are fantasy though they do bear some resemblance to coats of arms of some Dutch provinces.

The dress I mended makes me long for spring. I got it for a mere 10 euro's but it was a wounded bird, the fabric underneath the arms was worn and thin so I backed it to prevent holes.

Noortje behind her sewing machine.

Another very bright dress worn for going out to see a few movies (so rather a waste given that I was sitting in a dark room). I kinda forgot about it eventhough I put new shoulderpads in it during the summer. But it is quite amazing. I'm wearing a black turtleneck underneath because it is cold!

And to end this post some very wintry new additions:

Ski-pants, probably from the 1940's though it could be earlier or later.
They are Hungarian and a friend found them. It is rather small so I was affraid it wouldn't fit me.

But it did!
The back has a lot of room for movement. Might not be the most flattering of cuts, but I think I can just about get away with it & I can still touch my toes ;).

Also got this American 'sports' jumper.
So I'm ready for walks in the cold, or lots of snow!

Hope to be back soon,