vrijdag 27 januari 2017

Birthday weekend outfits

I had planned to do a January outfits-post but there's just too much material. So first things first: it was my birthday last weekend and I celebrated it with several outfits.
All the rest of January will come later.

The day before my actual birthday my friend Jip and I were hired again to play 1930's candygirls at Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam (I wrote a post about it last year). We got to wear our matching uniforms again, just fun!

Like last time it was an event for the Laurel & Hardy fanclub and this time they actually flew them in! These guys were great :)

Jip next to one of the many beautiful lamps in the cinema.

In the evening we went out and actually had drinks with the actors an members of the fanclub. They sang to me because it was nearly my birthday!
We decided to wear eveningdresses because we could, so why not!
I wore a late 30's floral evening/dinner dress I got recently and Jip borrowed a dark blue 1940's dress from me. We practiced the art of looking thin on a picture in the bathroom mirror of the restaurant, like girls do ;)
My eveningdress may look like a simple floral curtain it is actually a heavy quality lamé fabric. It might not be the season for florals, but Í really wanted to wear it. 

The next day we went out have cake and do some shopping.
Here are out outfits, I think we look really cute. We both wore late 30's/40's dresses with puffy sleeves en two different fabrics and we both had blue coats. We made many many outfit selfies and had such fun doing it.

You might be able to tell we are wearing the same lipstick (Mac Russian Red). It has been my favorite for years but Jip discovered it only the day before when we were dressing up as candygirls. We went to a Mac store so she could buy het own that same day!
It was the first time I wore my blue and lilac fez from the 30's or 40's. Such a nice silly hat, perfect for my birthday! I wore lilac gloves and a flower to match. And the little handbag matches very well with the dress I think, bought it the same day a few years back.

It was a very Sunny but cold day so we needed those wool cardigans.

What the fuss was all about: Let us eat cake! At my favorite pattiserie in Amsterdam: Pompadour

In the evening Jip had to leave unfortunately but I dressed up in another evening dress for drinks with friends.
I wore a 40's light blue eveningdress, I refer to it a the Disney Princess dress, because it is very sweet and girlish. A bit ironic mabye to wear it on a the day I'm turning a year older ;)

Some of the presents I got from friends and myself.

And a silly picture to conclude this post ;)
I had a wonderful weekend, I mean, friend visiting, two eveningdresses and a silly hat!

Will be back soon with all those other outfits


dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Holiday outfits & wardrobe resolutions

So the holidays are over and I'm suffering from an after-december blues. I took down all the decorations today, couldn't bear to look at them. Maybe a bit childish and sentimental but I really dislike the beginning of January when a bleak reality check hits me.... December represents a kind of escapism from winter and normal responsabilities, a limbo where all that matters is family, friends, presents, food and everything else comes to a standstill. When it is over it is a few more months until spring and there is that nagging feeling you have to do 'somehting' (useful that is). Horrible...but enough of my rantings, that's not what this blog is about ;)

Time to look back one last time a and then forward into the new year.

Holiday outfits etc.
On the 21st of December I organised a midwinter party for my friends at my place. Above is the outfit I wore: a late 30's evening dress. It is one of my most precious garments but I'd never really worn it (only used it for exhibitions). The dress reminds me of Schiaparelli designs of the late 30's, and I love La Schiap. The bolero is faux and actually attached to the dress, it features an unexpected back cleavage.
Because the style  of the dress is rather mature I opted for a half up hairdo and more make-up than I usually wear.

Eventhough it wasn't a sit-down dinner party kind of evening I decorated the table like it was. My inspiration was this picture from a 1937 magazine: a pineapple surrounded by fruits as a centrepiece.

Turned out that pineapples are a thing at the moment, so I could even get paper plates in the right shape.

A pineapple must have been a luxury in 1937, now it is rather cheap deco ;)

The day before I made lots of food like little meatballs, filled eggs and stewed pears.

There are many 'party' photo's of me and my  more than 15 guests but I'll spare you most of them, you get the idea...

Just a few decent ones then:

The day after I had much cleaning to do and had to travel to my parents in the evening:
I decided on my red coat for Christmas and my burgundy hat. I've worn it often lately.

What I wore the next day to do some last grocery shopping. I started a bad cold, thank god for make-up and filters.

My Christmas eve outfit. You can tell I was crying my eyes out because the cold got worse but I rather like the print combo of the dress and apron. I usually do all the cooking for Christmas so I had to spend a large part of the day in the kitchen preparing, snotty head and all.

My Christmas day outfit. The tule dress I bought at the 'Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs' a while ago with a green slipdress and belt with matching buckle I made especially for Christmas.

I also got some presents:
The best is probably this 1924 electric Singer sewing machine. It needs some finetuning but works just fine!

Some more presents :)

And another apron.

On boxing day/second Christmas day I wore loungewear: satin pj pants and a new jumper. I bought the same one for my mother and gave them as a present.

I'm wearing it the wrong way round because I like it better on me that way. The cleavage at the front was a bit too much.

In the evening I slipped into a velvet dress I've worn almost every Christmas since I made it.

It is very difficult to capture when worn but this gives a good idea.

I repeated the pineapple theme that evening.

I didn't get to wear my most Christmassy outfit until the day after because it had been very warm. It is a matching set of knitwear combined with a white fur hat. I went for a long walk with my father like almost every year so finally some pictures taken outside.
Again the red coat.

Part of the route are old railwaytracks. It is a nature conservation area now. 

The day after I travelled back to Amsterdam, only to leave again the next day, that living out of a suitcase feeling ;)
On the international train: Same hat different coat bacause it was colder.
I went to stay with friends in Germany for a couple of days for New Years Eve celebrations and had a wonderful time.
On NYE we wore evening dresses. I wore my newest also found at the Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs. It was really nice to be able to dress up for NYE, and not be the only one!

I don't do new years resolutions really, I think it is a bit silly and makes the beginning of January even worse ;) But because this blog is about clothes here are some resolutions in relation to my wardrobe:

1 Wear everything I own
The fact that I had never worn that lovely evening dress says it all, such a shame!
2 Wear more hats and evening dresses
I'm on the right way with this I think, but must keep up the good work.
3 Buy less, hmmm yeah right
Well this is the kind of resolution you know will be impossible to keep, but I do have so many clothes already.
4 Let go
Among the clothes I never wear are also some things that just don't work. The things that are unflattering, not me and may be better on someone else. No use holding on to them, though letting go is hard, it will feel far better, in the end...
5 Go out of my comfort zone
Trying something new from time to time is refreshing (and on the other hand often confirms your set tastes and ways and makes you appreciate them more).

So that was it, below what I plan on wearing  to brighten up bleak January after wearing so many reds and dark colors.

Will be back soon,