zaterdag 1 april 2017

Trip to Bavaria: outfits & packing with a color scheme

So it has been a while since my last post. Though I fully intended to do a 'new to me' blogpost I had other things on my mind lately that kept me from sitting down for it. I will write that some time soon but here's a quick recap of last weekend's outfits (there were many). I went on a trip to Bavaria (or actually Frankonia) with a group of vintage enthousiasts from Germany. In the pictures you only see two of them, the ones I know are OK with pics being posted, so you can enjoy their lovely outfits too :) 
(if you'd like to see more of them check out their Instagram accounts @20_2_40_style and @jg_photographica_)


Packing is always tricky when you have to carry you own luggage when switching trains etc. This time I had a color scheme and stuck to it. Normally it is only an intention to pack totally color coordinated and I'll fail but this time it worked. The basic color was brown with easter-y pastels to brighten up the palette. This way everything could be combined with everything, in theory. Above you see most of what I packed.

Not in that picture is this jacket. I'm in love with it at the moment. I don't usually think straight silhouettes look good on me but this has such a good shoulderpad game going on it is very flattering.

For travel I wore a skirt-suit I bought for an upcomming tweedride, but I figured it'd do very well for this occasion too.

This is a first attempt to capture our outfits with selfie mode. That is what Instagram does to you ;)
Someone else cought us posing.

Luckily there was no need for selfies for the rest of the weekend. So finally some ouftit pictures that are not so horribly posed (well still posed but more natural than usual)
I wore a dress and hat that already featured in another blogpost but finally with the right shoes (last time it snowed...). My first pair of vintage shoes, and probably my favorite.

We wore coats too, such a color splash! Such warm sunlight!

I enjoy dressing up even more when I'm not the only one doing so. When you're in a group where everyone is wearing vintage you can just be you dressing in a pretty frock.


Our color combo's reminded me a bit of some pictures from French Vogue of 1938. Not exactly alike but the idea of a group of three ladies in bright colors.

The next day we went for a walk (see the first picture of this post too)
This is so dreamy, it truly captures the escapist aspect of a trip like this, away from it all ;)

And also the magic of early spring, when the warm sunlight is something special. 

My ouftit of that day: That jacket, 1930's/40's celadon green dress with yellow ajour embroidery, yellow late 30's rayon crêpe hat with burgundy ribbon, burgundy gloves with yellow stitching, sensible shoes.

What we wore underneath.

We changed for dinner/the evening. I wore a dress I bought myself as a birhtday present last year. It's made of a liquid silk velvet. Because of the bias cut it clings beautifully/unforgivingly to the body, a thing I love and loathe at the same time.
Such a good hairday too, dit not have to do anything to it after a day with a hat on in the open air.

One of the best things about 1930's eveningdresses: back-cleavages

Another day and some new outfits. I'm wearing a cute embroidered 1940's dress & pretty shiny rayon stockings in a matching tone. But just look at the outfit of outfits next to me!

Because we visited a cave in the afternoon we changed into more sturdy wear. I wore my skirt-suit again.

Inside the cave.

We could join a tweedride dressed like that.

And then a third outfit of the day. This would have been my girlhood dream: dressing three times a day (maybe it still is ;P) !

This year's birthday present to myself: A pink pastel, ruffle ridden, puffy sleeved petit four of a dress.

This pic taken in my kitchen a few weeks ago gives a better idea of the color.

And that concludes the cascade of weekend outfits. My next post will probably be a new to me post as I've found some lovely things lately. I've sold quite a few dresses since the beginning of this year and there was also a kind of 'flea-market' during this trip. I took 10 extra dresses I could let go of and 9 found new homes, but I also took some new things home.
Here's just one of them:
This is actually man's coat but it fitted me quite well, a little oversized but I like it that way. Only tried it on for fun but as I've been looking for a grey coat to add to my collection I bought it anyway. Don't think that many people will notice it buttons on the wrong side, and also: who cares if it works.