zondag 5 april 2015

Nearly an Easter look: this year's first florals

I wore this look yesterday but as that was nearly Easter I will call it an Easter look.
I decided it was time for the first florals of this year. I am very fond of floral print dresses and own quite a few of them.

The dress I wore yesterday was in a poor state when I got it. It had some tears an holes but I fell in love with the print so much I spend a lot of time fixing it up.
In many cases I prefer to put a piece of fabric underneath a damaged area and attach it with only a few stitches instead of extensive darning. With this dress however I chose darning because the fabric is so thin and the pattern made it easy to darn almost invisible.

My tip with darning: do not pull to hard (that is often how they teach you to darn socks, it does not look nice on normal fabric, and might make it tear again more easily afterwards).

I used different colors of embroidery yarn that matched the colors of the print. When worn the dammage is not noticeable.

Easter calls for a new(ly made up) hat. I bought this mais colored hat from a man who told me it had belonged to his mother. It is made of rayon crêpe (the kind used for dresses) that is stitched together with a more stiff material.

It was very much deformed so it took some work to bring back the original shape (with help of a damp piece of cloth and an iron).

This is what the hat looks like the hat without flowers (and tried on with another floral dress). Below are some vintage pictures with similar hats:

The last picture inspired me: I recently bought some velvet flowers and put some on the hat to make it more festive. They can be removed easily to give the hat a more casual look.

Another prominent feature of my outfit is a 'new' pair of vintage glasses I recently had reglazed.

I spend the day with my friend Myrtle who actually rocked a brown 1940's dress she borrowed from me. So great to have friends you can swap clothes with!

 She had also polished my nails in a wonderful  (historically accurate) shape.

After a morning of outfit planning and dressing up we hit the town (being Amsterdam).
As the weather was still quite cold I wore a winter coat.

 The nice thing about this coat is that it has a belted waist at the front but a loose back.

And does Amsterdam not look pretty?

8 opmerkingen:

  1. wonderful outfit and you did a great job on repairing the dress ... and the hat!

  2. wow, crazy that there is another skirt with this print out there ... I think mine is handmade ... Can't wait to see you wearing our twin skirt! ;)

  3. Fantastic repair job. That is such a timelessly beautiful dress! Three very big cheers for the return of floral fashion season. To be fair, I do tend to sport flowers all the year round, but they go into quasi-hibernation during the winter. Spring was slow in reaching us this year, but not that it's finally emerging again, the garden that is my wardrobe is will out in full bloom, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Amsterdam looks amazing - and one day (mark my words) I'll take a look at it's streets and shops in person. Until then, I'll have to have you as my "guide"
    By the way - your floral dress looks amazing!


  5. Love how your outfit is almost identical to the first 1930's illustration! That's super neat, and just shows how well your hat and dress go together. I also think you did a marvelous job mending your dress ~ I don't know that I'd be able to do it so neatly. ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  6. I love the hat! btw, you look great as always :)