woensdag 23 september 2015

Let autumn begin: steam train travelling in style

Because today marks the actual beginning of autumn an autumn style post.  This will be more of a picture post with not too much text.

So the event it is about event actually took place before I went on vacation. But the weather was so autumnal it felt like autumn to me and I dressed for it in the warm colors suitable to that season.

I went to a historic steamtrain day withy friends from Club Interbellum.

Here's what I wore:
1940's burgundy red novelty print dress
Burgundy red felt hat, late 1930's, with a label from De Bijenkorf al large Dutch department store that still exists
Hand knit (by my mother) cardigan after a 1935 pattern, more on that in a next post
1930's burgundy shoes
1920's/30's leather purse
Carpet bag

Photo: Herman van den Bossche

Photo: Herman van den Bossche

My lovely friends Lisette, Myrtle & Martine
Photo: Herman van den Bossche
Myrtle had just returned from France so we had soo much to talk about!

 I was in a rather clownish mood, so these pictures are the least embarrasing ones ;)

And then there was this caroussel.....Oh yes, I really had to eventough the horses were way to tiny for me! And it kept going round and round.
Photo: Herman van den Bossche
And then this group photo attempt....Herman who made the pictures wanted it a little less 'people standing in a row' and encouraged us to be spontaneous. So, silly as I was that day, I jumped in front of the row of people. Well on the resulting photograph it is a least visible that I was actually wearing (fully fashioned) stockings...oops! But funny.

On the next pic I looke like Mary Poppins just landed ;)

All of the photo's above: Herman van den Bossche
And that concludes the first autumn event of the year!
Below a pictures that could be seen as a prequel to the next blogpost. It was taken on my mothers 40 year work anniversary where I served coffee and food on trays. Wearing: a white apron and thats the clue for things to come.

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