vrijdag 27 januari 2017

Birthday weekend outfits

I had planned to do a January outfits-post but there's just too much material. So first things first: it was my birthday last weekend and I celebrated it with several outfits.
All the rest of January will come later.

The day before my actual birthday my friend Jip and I were hired again to play 1930's candygirls at Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam (I wrote a post about it last year). We got to wear our matching uniforms again, just fun!

Like last time it was an event for the Laurel & Hardy fanclub and this time they actually flew them in! These guys were great :)

Jip next to one of the many beautiful lamps in the cinema.

In the evening we went out and actually had drinks with the actors an members of the fanclub. They sang to me because it was nearly my birthday!
We decided to wear eveningdresses because we could, so why not!
I wore a late 30's floral evening/dinner dress I got recently and Jip borrowed a dark blue 1940's dress from me. We practiced the art of looking thin on a picture in the bathroom mirror of the restaurant, like girls do ;)
My eveningdress may look like a simple floral curtain it is actually a heavy quality lamé fabric. It might not be the season for florals, but Í really wanted to wear it. 

The next day we went out have cake and do some shopping.
Here are out outfits, I think we look really cute. We both wore late 30's/40's dresses with puffy sleeves en two different fabrics and we both had blue coats. We made many many outfit selfies and had such fun doing it.

You might be able to tell we are wearing the same lipstick (Mac Russian Red). It has been my favorite for years but Jip discovered it only the day before when we were dressing up as candygirls. We went to a Mac store so she could buy het own that same day!
It was the first time I wore my blue and lilac fez from the 30's or 40's. Such a nice silly hat, perfect for my birthday! I wore lilac gloves and a flower to match. And the little handbag matches very well with the dress I think, bought it the same day a few years back.

It was a very Sunny but cold day so we needed those wool cardigans.

What the fuss was all about: Let us eat cake! At my favorite pattiserie in Amsterdam: Pompadour

In the evening Jip had to leave unfortunately but I dressed up in another evening dress for drinks with friends.
I wore a 40's light blue eveningdress, I refer to it a the Disney Princess dress, because it is very sweet and girlish. A bit ironic mabye to wear it on a the day I'm turning a year older ;)

Some of the presents I got from friends and myself.

And a silly picture to conclude this post ;)
I had a wonderful weekend, I mean, friend visiting, two eveningdresses and a silly hat!

Will be back soon with all those other outfits


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  1. Oh you look like you had the absolute best birthday weekend! All of your outfits are darling, as usual, and your gifts are super precious!! Also, I'm in love with that blue fez.

    Carla, Tiny Angry Crafts