zondag 22 februari 2015

A night in the 1920's: the party look of 1929

Vintage themed parties are always a great excuse for a fabulous outfit. Yesterday it was time for one of the best 1920’s parties in Amsterdam: Lili Marleen. I decided that my look was going to be styled like it was 1929 (still 1920's but already getting more feminine). Here’s my look for the evening/night:


Jewellery: Original Art Deco earrings combined with a statement necklace from Zara and bracelets bought at a monastery in Austria.


Make-up: a dark edge, lots of purple with an undertone of black, as the year is desastrous 1929.


Hair decorations: Japanese haircomb and a bunch of stripped peacock feathers


Some 1920’s hairstyles that loosely inspired me.


The result when all was put together.


Then there is the dress. I have a few original beaded 1920’s dresses, but I would feel rather concious of their fagility when I wore them to a party. Not good for the party mood. So instead I opted for a more sturdy silk crepe dress form the transition period between the 1920’s and 1930’s.


It features a handkerchief hemline that is slightly lower at the back where some attached pieces of fabric form a kind of cape. Fab for dancing, all that fabric moves!


To add a litle green to the outfit  and to celebrate the return of the waist at the end of 1929 I made a belt from a hairband of similar fabric to the dress with a green buckle.


The shoes are not in the best condition but wearable, and soo cute. They are evening shoes as they are in crêpe instead of leather. They are from the famous brand Bally, very popular throughout the 1920's and 1930's. 


A clutch bag also in crêpe, could be anywhere from the 1920 to 1950’s.  The front has a finely pleated inset in an art deco shape. Just like the shoes there are no other colors next to black soo it goes with everything, a real Ford! 


The back has a band so you can hold dit more easy or even wear it around your wrist.


If there was any chance of getting cold there are a cut velvet peacocks on a scarf to warm me.


As finishing touch all is covered in a cloud of Mitsouko perfume. Its powdery smell was first launched in 1919, so period appropriate fort his party!


And then it was time to go to the party at the beautiful CMA Zaal in Amsterdam! It was a blast! Fabulous acts, the best live music from Andor’s Jazzband. And not to forget great, beautiful people!


That is all for now, hope to see you next time!



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