dinsdag 17 februari 2015

Hello there!

 (photo: Aline Bouma)

After two years of not blogging I decided it was time to start again with a brand new blog. I dedicate it to my wardrobe, one of my biggest hobbies. I’ve been a vintage fanatic for about six years now, mainly focusing on the 1930’s an 1940’s era. As I have collected a considerable amount of clothes over the years I can (an do) dress in vintage on a daily basis.

 I buy most of my clothes in Amsterdam, where I live. I think the Dutch capital is a good place to shop vintage against reasonable prices, when you know where to go. Pairing together and wearing vintage pieces is something I love and by now almost do automatically. I get inspired by the clothes themselves, vintage magazines and sometimes modern trends. Finding, picking out and taking care of my treasured pieces is sometimes more labor intensive than buying high street fashion but it does make it a real hobby and rather more a lifestyle than an ordinary style of dressing. This experience I would like t share with you on this blog!

 I will start this blog of with an outfit post: A look for early spring (only a few more weeks)! It is styled in a late 1930’s fashion. An outfit at that period would of course have comprised of more than just a dress and shoes. While hats, gloves and dainty purses are more like an option nowadays they used to be a must!

(photo: Aline Bouma)

Here is what the outfit consist of:

 1: Celadon green dress of rayon embroidered with yellow in a torn threadwork Art Deco motif, ca. late 1930’s, bought at a textile market.

Details of the fabulous embroidery of the dress, so delicate and yet it has Art Deco angles. You would rather expect it in white on linnen.

The dress has a buckle at the back, not uncommon in the 1930’s

2:1930’s suede gloves with caps, lined with white goatskin, bought at a textile market

3: Leather 1920’s/1930’s clutch with silver clasp, also bought at a textile market

4:Late 1930’s or early 1940’s hat form ‘Kühne’ an exclusive Dutch store in The Hague, again bought at a textile market. Nice and a bit of a crazy shape, just as hats should be.

5: Brown rayon seamed stockings.

Detail of the heel of one of the stockings.

 6: 1940’s open heel shoes, vintage shop in Amsterdam.

7: Cardigan with shoulder pads, the only non-vintage item but so period appropriate!, H&M

Hope to see you again soon!

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