dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Tweedride Urtecht

This will be a quick post with mainly photo's from last Sunday's Tweedride.
So firstly my outfit (as that is what my blog is about)
Tweed jacket, Episode Amsterdam
green skirt: H&M
Two tone shoes: Stijlloods Haarlem
Silk blouse: textile market
Bangles: H&M and flea market
1940's hat: bought from a friend
The hat was actually the starting point of my outfit. I matched all other garments with it. It is perfect for cycling as it has a strap at the back so it can be attached to your hair easily.
You can see the hat more clearly in this picture. I was in quite a lot of pictures I love this one the best (taken by Rene Bosch).
We left from Amsterdam Central Station with a group of 7 people. Quite a challenge to fit all our bikes in the same compartment of the train.

Below just some pictures I took of  some of stylish people before the ride started:

We set off at 13.30 accompanies by Sunshine, it was such a lovely day! Good for my curls as well

About halfway we had a stop so we could have our sandwiches and something to drink.
This group picture was a challenge to arrange as there were about 60 people! For more pictures check out: https://www.facebook.com/tweedriderotterdam/
Another stop was made at Madame the Pompadou a vintage haidresser in the city centre of Urtecht. Here we had gin-tonic with lots of ice in huge glasses, cheers!

We ended near the Dom tower the main focal point of Urtecht.

There will probably be another Tweedride again in the autumn, I can't wait!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. you look wonderful as always. Maybe the hat could look better a little bit if you are wearing it on ,,breton style" - hat on the back of head? But I understand that the main point was attaching to hair :)

    1. The hat would indeed look cute worn on the back of the head :) Unfortunately the construction does not work in any other way than tipped to the front (it has a felt band loop at the back that only fits over the back of your head). Just one of those crazy hat styles ;)

  2. Lovely outfit and I totally adore your hat!

  3. Why does Berlin has no Tweedride? Instead we have a Hipsterrun - every single day. ;)

    1. Such a shame. You would expect Berlin to be a good place for a Tweedride!
      I love the fact that the Dutch version unites many different scenes in a stylish way (a perfect mix old bike lovers, vintage wearers and hipsters with beards ;))

  4. You look so fabulous! I love the pairing of forest-y green with warm shades of brown like that. How awesome that you got to take part in a Tweed Run. That is truly a vintage related dream of mine.

    ♥ Jessica