dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Catching up part 1: Lili Marleen Party in Amsterdam

So I have been a lazy blogger lately and it has certainly not been for lack of things tot write about. Time to catch up. As it is a bit too much for a single post I intend to write several during the week (before something else comes up ;))

This post will be about a stylish party a week and a half ago. I wrote about this 1920's/ 1930's  party in an earlier post. But as it is a three monthly thing with a changing theme it certainly deserves another one. Also because I wore a different outfit.

Last time I went for a late 1920's early 1930's look this time it was a more mature 1930's look. The basis was a gold/silver lamé and brocade dress I bought a while ago. Such a stunning piece and fitted me like a glove.

It has a bit of a back-cleavage, so I had to alter a slip dress. The picture below shows a page from magazine of 1937 stressing the importance of right underwear for evening dresses.  My dress could not be worn without one as the fabric is very unfriendly to your skin. My underarms were all red at the end of the evening from rubbing over the fabric. But It was worth it ;)

To complement the fabric I choose golden (and blue) accessoiries. They could also have been silver but I don't have that much in silver.

I found the 1930's evening shoes in a second hand shop in Budapest for next to no money. One of the straps was torn so I did have to have it repaired. The purse is from 1950's. It was given to me by a collector in Gent (Belgium) with a note saying it was worn at a wedding in 1952.

As a finishing touch I painted my nails in two color. The day before I painted them gold. By putting a sticker over a part of the gold (a trick I learned from my friend Myrtle) before painting it over in dark blue it was quite easy to get the two-tone effect right. (forgot to take a pic of the last step)

For warmth I wore a 1930's white fur cape with a rolled collar. Not very effective though, mostly pretty.

Below a few pictures from the evening.

My beautiful friends looked  SO wonderful! Just a few words on their party looks:
Not sisters, just sisters in prefect hair ;)

 Annemarie (on the right) actually bought her original 1920's tunic (worn over a modern slip) and boudoir cap at the same market where I bought my dress.
Martine made her costume herself. The headdress is quite spectacular!!!

She turned out such a perfect 1920's beauty!
 As the theme was Weimar Republic this time Myrtle wore a mens frac and chapeau claque.
That ends the first part of catching up!

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