dinsdag 27 oktober 2015

Reasons for dressing up lately

Just a quick post with some looks of the last few weeks. Eventhough I've been indoors a lot lately because of the 'wounded' leg there were still plenty of reasons for dressing up (and going out against doctors advice ;)). So this is what I've been up to and what I wore.

Tuesday after the tweedride a friend and I had tickets for 'Der Rosenkavalier'. Not a thing to cancel though it was not the smartest thing to do. In Holland people tend to go to the opera or theatre in jeans... but I think it is a legitimate reason to dress up. My hair turned out rather perfectly that day. I wore a mid 1930's dress with lace 'wings'.

A picture of the back taken last year or so.

One week later I was an extra for an educational movie about the second world war. I wore several outfits. This is the most elegant one for '1939'. It was the first time I wore this crazy hat. Found it on 'Marktplaats' (the Dutch E-bay). It was very badly photographed and cheap, those are often the best finds.

The day after I had a few ladies over for an afternoon high tea. I could finally use my fine china. In accordance with the teacups I wore an eastern inspired look: 1930's lounging pajamas in a 'chinese' style. The reason for wearing pajamas was that it was a stylish way to cover up my leg without stockings (had to wear them the day before but not exactly good for the healing process). I've had a fantasy of receiving guests in pj's as well so I was not too sad to not be able to wear a nice dress. I received in my easy chair with my leg on my elephant sidetable ;)



The food was sumptuous thanks to Elisabeth who did not only look like a ture lady visiting with gloves hat and original stockings but she did also bring loads of cake and other sweets from Holtkamp (one of the best patisseries in Amsterdam).

The weekend I spend at my parents

Museum openings require nice outfits. I somehow go for black to these events most of the time:

This was actually a few weeks ago to the opening of 'Ode aan de Nederlandse Mode' (ode to Dutch fashion) at the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. My leg was still fine but I had a cold and felt like.... I'm wearing a late '30/40's dress made of very unusual fabric a print of 'splashes of paint' in gold. Almost looks 80's but it certainly isn't. Combined with a green necklace.

Last Friday a week ago at the Rijksmuseum, opening of Asia & Amsterdam. I wore a black crepe dress with an amazing collar.
Because stockings still wouldn't work I paired it with wide legged trousers. Worked well against all expectations. The weather was very damp and rainy so I decided to put my hair up as no artificial curl would have lasted.
The dress also features a lovely buckle. So great the belt is still with the dress, so often not the case.

 Last weekend I visited my friend Martine in Oegstgeest. It was to be laid back evening with drinks and food at her home. But no reason not to make an effort to look nice. I wore a dress that was gifted to me by my friend Myrtle. She'd bought it (together with me) to alter but in het end it would not work for her. Because I had tried on the same dress and she knew it also suited me she donated it to me!! Thumbs up for having friends to trade clothes with :)

Such a pretty shade of plum! The dress has a peplum that makes it look almost like a little suit.
Though it looked so nice just as it was I paired it with a wool cardigan because of the cold. Sometimes practicality comes before a perfect look, but only SOMEtimes!

By now the leg is more or less mended, still have to be careful though. Had a great weekend with bestockinged legs! Post will follow soon!!

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