dinsdag 6 oktober 2015

When 8 vintage ladies went shopping & had an afternoon tea

Last Saturday I had a lovely day shopping & having an afternoon tea with 7 other vintage ladies :). Quite rare to have such a large group op likeminded women :)
You might think so many women loving vintage shopping together could end in a battlefield with all wanting the same thing. This was absolutely not the case. Partly because of the different personal styles & sizes but also because I think we really wanted everybody to find something and could be happy for each other.

We started at the Waterlooplein at our favorite stall. Where several (4 I think) of us already got lucky :).

Here we are in the metro to the Waterlooplein from Central Station.
Such a funny pic: Martine is sitting in the middle of 'normal' people, quite the contrast

After the Waterlooplein we walked to Marbles Vintage (which has several shops in Amsterdam). We were photgraphed by the saleswoman for their Instragram in front of the shop.
Lisette found a perfectly pink 60's dress. Together with Martine they were very much pink ladies.

Here I am talking to Marjolein. That is of course also a very important part of days like these, talking, gossiping ;)

I had such a good hairday! I was wearing my 1940's pale blue coat with a dark blue hat from the late 30's-early 40's. It is one of the first hats I ever bought. Found in a thriftstore in Haarlem where I then lived for a few euro's (I rarely pay more than 15-20 euro's for a hat, but even for my standards this was cheap). Had not worn it for a while and rediscoved it when putting this outfit together.
I did wear a practical bag and sensible shoes suitable for shopping. Now let me introduce you to my beautiful friends and what they bought: 
Jip in a trenchcoat that looks very 40's but is probably from the 70's. She found a delicate silk blouse at the Waterlooplein.
Lisette is wearing a 50's dress. We washed it with vinegar the night before because she had bought in a smelly state. Luckily it was the kind of 50's fabric that dries ever so quickly. She's wearing her grandmothers yellow purse. The cardigan she borrowed from me (knit from a 1939 pattern). And let's not forget the cat eye sunglasses. People were turning their heads as you can see in the picture. Lisette had the most succesful shopping day: she found a dress at the Waterlooplein and one at Marbles!

Martine was wearing a pink dress with a black-pink check jacket. Oh just look at those people looking...again and again. Martine found a 1950's purple dress with floral print at the Waterlooplein, that suited her perfectly.
Myrtle, wearing a floral dress found the most stunning  and figure enhancing black rayon crepe dress with green embroidery at Episode (you will see her in it in my next post).

Marinka, lady in black, as  (nearly) always :) also found a dress at the Waterlooplein.
Where Henny also found hers that day.

Marjolein in a vibrant magenta dress and 30's coat looking ever so happy with the magnificent bell sleeved black astrakan 30's coat she found at Episode in the bag beside her! All of th pictures were teken in front of that shop and is was nearly the end of our shopping trip.
And this is what I found at Episode (Berenstraat):
A 40's dress of sheer silk crepe. Dark blue is really my color lately.

Such delicate details! First I was afraid the sleeves migh be a tad tigh for me but it turned out the outer pleats were a later addition an could be removed with little effort. As my hair was so good that day I did not want to ruin it by trying the dress on. I had a measuring tape with me though and it told me the dress would fit just right. And  measuring tapes don't lie: when it tried it on when I got home it fitted like a glove :)
After Episode we brushed by Laura Dols. Then we headed for our main goal: The Teapot Museum where we were to have our afternoon tea! Such special surroundings, the private museum looks like a victorian parlour filled with teapots. (http://museum-tearat.blogspot.nl/p/blog-page.html)
Because Jip & I both wore coats that covered up our dresses entirely, just some coatless pics. 

Jip's dress was a dark blue velvet with pink floral beading.

Mine was a darkblue tule with pink flowers finished with dark blue velvet ribbons. One of my first vintage dresses, bought at the Waterlooplein aforementioned stall.
We matched!
And then it was time for tea AND food. We had not eaten any lunch in order to be able to eat the entire varety of food presented (we knew from the last time it was quite a lot an very delicious).
So we were HUNGRY! 
Just before the food arrived Martine said a little prayer ;)

And then FOOD!
Even our empty stomachs were not big enough for the aundance of sandwiches, scones and pie but they always wrap the leftovers up, so you can enjoy them at home :)
The best possible way to end a perfect day!

The next day was a little less perfect but more about that in a next post.



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  1. Oh how I envy you for such a wonderful group of friends who understand your style and love vintage! There are few in my hometown but I wish there could be more. Until then, I can ejnoy your photos and pretend I was there with you!

    1. Yes it is certainly a joy to have so many vintage friends living nearby. This was not always the case though, several have only recently moved to my part of the country so we can see each other far more often now! Hope some vintage gals will move your way soon :)

  2. In spite of my diet; I had a little of those "leftovers" Jip brought home ; they were amazing ! And I am not even a cake-person....

    1. Yes they certainly were delicious! And so nice they offer to pack it up for you and you don't even have to ask :)

  3. It looks like a truly fabulous day, it is so lovely when you can spend time with people who understand your passions too.


  4. Looks like you ladies had a blast! How nice, that everyone brought something home ...