zondag 27 december 2015

My Christmas Outfits

 This will be a post with mainly pictures. Thought I'd just show you my Christmassy outfits before they become irrelevant in the new year.
The problem is that the days before Christmas are so dark and there are few moments with decent light to take good pictures. So I regret to say that most of the pictures in this post are of quite a poor quality, but think they do catch the spirit of the season.
First there's the picture above. I'm wearing a knitted cardigan with a silk blouse that goes ever so well with it. A hat in matching color. What you cannot see is that it has a matching skirt but that will feature later on.

I wore this outfit to a Christmas market in Germany in the end of November. Kind of the beginning of the dressing for the festive season for me. I wore a coat trimmed with black fox fur with it.

Next 'thing' was the Christmas party at work:

I'm wearing a late 40's early 50's rayon crepe and voile dress in a dark blue shade. Love the bodice!

My parents have a huge tree (3 meters) every year with only silver decorations, and I helped decorating it as always. I wore a red day dress I usually wear around Christmas when I have to actually do things.

A few days before Christmas, on midwinter, I had a small party at my place. Everybody dressed up in style.
Next to my regular guests from the Netherlands I had the pleasure of welcoming Laurence (who had the most amazing blog on the 1950's! http://lostin1950.blogspot.com/)  and Sylvain from France who were staying in Amsterdam.

The ultimate Christmas material for me is velvet. I wore this ensemble I'd bought a few weeks before for an abosulute bargain price. I'ts an early 30's evening dress with matching bolero jacket in a stunning silk velvet in a very bright red.

My curls had already died that morning so I opted for an updo with a comb. To fill up the punging neckline I wore a green and black necklace with art deco earrings.

The party was quite informal so there was no real need for a full length dress but on the other hand, why not?

I lighted some real candles in the tree:

 Now over to Christmas itself:

On Christmas eve I wore a rayon print dress with the cardigan from the aforementioned knitted set. I made my mother wear the 1940's dress I gave her quite some time ago.

That evening and the next we opened out gifts. A lot of vintage goodies for me.

Some of these could be used for the outfits of the days to come.

I got this huge suitcase for hats. Bit bigger than expected. Now I need bigger hats ;)

The outfit for Christmas day, 1930's red velvet again. This time in a much darker shade, combined with a brooch I'd got the evening before.

Another gift was this shoe made of white chocolate, way to pretty to eat.

On to boxing day (second Christmas day here in the Netherlands)

Here you can see the skirt that belonges to the cardigan.  It was way to warm to wear them as a set though.The elastic band has to be replaced, so I wore it with a belt.

Because we had Christmas dinner with family this day I dressed for dinner. Again in velvet, dark blue this time, with the most amazing sleeves. Not a vintage but made by me several years ago form an old pattern. Wore the brooch and earrings I'd gotten the days before.

I put my hair up, and it turned out quite Edwardian.

And that's it for now. But the festive season isn't quite over yet so who knows what may follow. I've already got too many options for new years eve............

Wonder what I will wear ;)

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  1. Such an elegantly gorgeous array of festive season ensembles.

    Have a terrific New Year's countdown and celebration!
    ♥ Jessica

  2. You had some very lovely holiday outfits! I love the addition of the hair comb with the red dress. Not nearly enough people wear combs but I think they look quite fetching adorning ones hair. Hope you had happy festive season! :)