dinsdag 2 februari 2016

A stylish start to the new year

It has been a while since I've written anything here, so this will be my first post of the year. As a late new years resolution I intend blog at least every two weeks.

I will start the year with pictures of New Years Eve. I stayed with a befriended couple and finally the pictures are of decent quality because there was someone with a good camera  who took wonderfull shots of all 3 outfits we wore.
YES 3 outfits, one for every part of the evening.
All photo's  in this post are by Loïc Benot!

We took this 1920's picture as an inspiration as I was the only guest and we had such fun recreating this 1920's set of people in all our different outfits:

Outfit number 1:

This was actually our dinner outfit:

Me in a 1930's dress & Martine in a 1910's dress she made herself!

Cute: Martine & Loïc (in a smart suit)
Good food is essential to New Years Eve:
Table setting with our first course
And the second!


Those ever hungry birds ;)
And as Loïc is French there is cheese before desert!
Now I looove cheese!
After desert as 12 a clock was nearly there we changed into our second outfit, the most party proof & flapperesque of the night!
This captures the spirit of the original picture best I think. Rather risque but I like it ;)
Martine was wearing a very good 1920's reproduction that can actually be worn without risk! My mid/late 20's number kept loosing sequins....Had it for years and this was the reason I'd never worn it, and maybe this was the first and last time I did. For 1920's party dresses I'm pro-repro.
It looked fabulous though! Look how we glittered! I'm normally not such a fan of the very straight lines of 20's dresses because I have hips and all. But this look I loved :)

The sequins are in a kind of zebra pattern. Because they are facetted they reflect light very well, such sparkles! This dress is definately best when worn, such a pity it probalby would not survive a wild dance ;(
The other man in Martines house is Nelson (the cat). Such a rag doll!
And the poor thing did not get any attention ;)
I wore my hair in a faux bob, with lots of curls at the back. I was wearing my haircomb again, it has become a favorite lately! Next to is is a hairclip with a braid of real hair.
Cheers again! Really nearly midnight!

Happy new year!!!
And on to the last outfit of the evening: loungewear 1920's style :)
A negligé dress for Martine, velvet smoking jacket for Loïc and lounging PJ's for me, worn WITH evening shoes.

Love how comfi & stylish this outfit is, maybe my favorite of the evening.

Martine made this dress in luxurious silk form a 1920's pattern.
You can see it here:
And her other projects on het company website:

So this was a recap of my pretty stylish end of 2015 and start of 2016:
And after a late resolution a late wish:
This picture shows the wishes of a worldly woman for 1931, guess that still goes!
Hope to be back soon!

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