zondag 22 mei 2016

My outfit for theTweedride Amsterdam

Two weeks ago the Tweedride Rotterdam came to Amsterdam, my hometown. A very exiting happening that called for a special outfit.

The outfit started with this hat. When I saw it I knew immadiately this was going to be for the Amsterdam Tweedride. I love the color combination of red and blue, and that hatpin!

I would have loved to have a suit like the middle lady in this picture (from Vogue Paris 1938)

This little jumper did a good job as well though, being an exact color match.

After my experience at the last Tweedride (where I fell due to an imbecile scooter driver) I wanted to make myself plus fours or a parted skirt like you seen in these pictures. Blue would have been ideal.



But it did not find the time, so I opted for this seersucker skirt. Maybe not exaclty the right colors but good enough!

I had also bought this men´s clip on tie.

I put an elastic band on it to make it stay in place as I did not have an original collar to attach it to. Wore it with a white bib.

The complete outfit
At the starting point, the Noordermarkt with Nikki, Mark, Sabra and Melchior.

What I particularly like about the Tweedride (next to the nice bikeride) is the amount of likeminded people you meet. After attending several rides in the Netherlands I know so many people it is always a joy to meet up and talk to all of them again.

If you use the link below you can see a little YouTube movie with almost all the participants on their bikes:

The weather was good, a bit to good for a Tweedride, 25 degrees and wool is not that comfi. But I had to wear my outfit and it was hot.

Elisabeth was more clever than me and opted for a linen dress instead of her specially made tweed plus fours.

The entire group (80) in front of the Rijksmuseum. There is a cyclists tunnel going through the museum (underneath the Nightwatch by Rembrandt) which was the centre of a heated debate for years, severely delaying the refurbishment of the museum. In the end the Amsterdam cyclists won and the tunnel stayed open, so a must go through for a Tweedride.

Because the Rijksmuseum donated some prizes that were connected with the Catwalk exhibition I was asked to join the jury for the best dressed etc. prizes. The picture above was posted on the Facebook page of the Tweedride and shows the winners.
Best dressed chap: a four piece tweed suit!
Best sunburn, a fun category, because there were many lobsters walking around. The prize was a scarf ;)
Best bike: This chap comes to every Tweedride on his high penny-farthing bike. He was the only one who dared to venture out in Amsterdam on a bike like this so next to it being the best bike price it was also for all the previous Tweedrides
Best dressed lady: for daring to do a tweeride in a 1900's style bathing suit

We ended the day in on a terace with lovely music, people and food. I got out of my sweater, so here I am in my 'underwear' (the top part of my camiknickers)
I expected to have a sunburn myself because I forgot to put any sunblock on in the morning but surprizingly I was fine.

For the next tweedride I hope for some cooler weather. Maybe I will finally get to making myself something. The page below shows some fabrics from 1938. Some pretty inspiring color combinations to inspire me for the following ride :)

 But for now: tally ho!


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