woensdag 11 mei 2016

Visit to the Rijksmuseum & Vintage High Tea

Again it has been a while since my last blog. Some reasons for this are that I've been rather busy and the fact that I haven't been too happy with the photo quality of the camera on my phone. I've had to use an old model since my phone was stolen last November. Because of this I've not made as many pictures as I'd like and often relied on other people's pictures taken at events. Also I must admit to puting a lot of things on Instagram rather than on my blog.

Since I will have more time on my hands the comming summer season and got a new phone with a good camera yesterday I hope to be a bit more active on my blog from now on. Not only to write about what I wear when I go places but also a bit more fashion history behind the clothes and the vintage shopping I do to get them.

For now a short recap of a visit to the Rijksmuseum and another vintage high tea we had more than a week ago. Again I did not take pictures myself so all credits to my friends for taking them.

We started the day with a visit to the exhibition Catwalk: Fashion at the Rijksmuseum where I gave a private guided tour (see a previous blog about the opening). On or way there we were already asked by tourists to pose for a picture. In Amsterdam this happens quite often when you are with a group of vintage dressed people.

At the museum some people even thought were were part of the exhibition ;)

Afterwards we went for the neccessary shopping tour. We picked up our high tea at traiterie chef because they sadly could not serve it at the Teapotmuseum above it anymore.  We were treated to a free cup of tea there while we waited for all the food to be packed though.

We took the food with us to my home in two large boxes by tram!

So much beautiful food!

& sweet

Thanks to Katy & Marinka for the pictures!

About my outfit:
The weather was quite cold so I wore a not so springy outfit. A 1940's brown an green daydress and hat. I had planned to get changed when I got home but totally forgot about it. I even forgot to take off the snood that I wore outside to protect my pincurls.

The hat and dress are such a good match.

A blog will follow about the Tweedride of last weekend that was held in Amsterdam and some lovely vintage sightseeing the days before that.
Next week I'll visit Prague so I guess I'll have enough to write about that as well.
Furthermore I'm planning on a vintage shopping guide to Amsterdam with all my favorite adresses and a post on floral dresses & prints.

Hope to see you soon & do follow me on Instagram (birtheweijkamp)


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