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Steam train 'travel' outfit & inspiration

'Terug naar toen'(back to then) is a yearly event organized by the Veluwsche Stoomtreinmaatschappij who own many original steam trains. Just like other years Club Interbellum went with a group to make some rides on the old trains. It is also a kind of beginning of the new season, a start of autumn.
While the weather was very cool and rainy last year it was sunny and still quite warm this time. No need for wool knits and felt hats yet, so my outfit was actually quite summery masked to look autumnal ;)

The 'mask' was mainly the choice of color and accessoiries.

I wore a dress I bought in Prague this spring that needed some work and had been repaired (so very neatly) as you can see in the picture. Very much a summer dress of thin washing silk in an off white color with open sleeves for air. The brown and purple checkered motif worked well with the brownish colorscheme though.

Because the mornings are getting colder I wore my favorite H&M cardigan (still think it does an amazing job looking 40's) with a brooch that screams autumn.

I took some inspo from old magazines, I looked for simple, light checkered or striped dresses. The dress on the left however looks a bit like my other option for the event.

I don't wear this amazing 30's dress often enough, but the other one was far easier to accessorize and more of a 'travel' dress.

This dress is very comparable in style.

Funny how this somehow looks a bit 50's whilst being from 1936

This is a picture of my outfit when I wore it a few months ago, exactly the same except for the glasses. You can see the gloves I took with me but hardly wore in action. It also strikes me how much more contrast there is betweem my skin and the fabric now compared to then. I like a little bit of tan (but only) during the summer and I've been swimming in the open air a lot (when else to wear my wool bathing suits). Still not very tan, would not want to be, but white dresses do look so much better on me now :)

The gloves have caps so they look best when worn on bare arms.

Group photo in front of the trains


And there we go!

And having a break..

Because most of us had already seen the trains (several times) before, we also visited the A-Ford Museum Tullekensmolen (http://www.tullekensmolen.com/). A very good idea of one of our car-loving members.
It was a bit of a walk from the trainstation so I changed into more comfy espadrilles.
You can see the train in the back, just before it stopped. We later heard the train had hit a car (noone got seriously hurt luckily)

 Just some cars to match my outfit ;)

Nice pretending

Because of the accident we decided to take the bus back to the car.
Then we went by 'Radio Kootwijk' with a small group. It is a splendid art deco building in the middle of the heaths of the Veluwe, built to communicate with the Dutch Indies in the late 1910's.
We nearly got in with a guided tour until some sour woman pointed out we did not belong to their 'group', what a kill joy! The 'group' dit love to stare at our outfits for free entertainment though, people....
So just some pretty pictures of the outside of the building, impressive enough.

We had dinner at 'De Generaal' in Baarn, a lovely place that used to be a trainstation.

Looking back on a very good day!
I'm away on holiday the comming week, so that'll be the next post. I also plan on a 'new to me' kind of post because I've found several new dresses and a hat in the last week. 


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