woensdag 7 september 2016

Weekend trips & Summer outfits

As promissed two weeks ago week the rest of my summer weekend trips and the outfits I wore:

The last  weekend of July there was another Club Interbellum camping weekend, just like last year. The venue was my parent's garden this time. There were a lot of guests, some slept inside however and others only came for a day. Only some die hard men slept in an old tent.

The entire group of about 20 people, photo: Loic Benot

I packed some simple floral cotton dresses and a chintz apron.

I also had a bathing outfit, because we planned on going swimming but it was pouring so I never got to wear it :(

Jip was the first to arrive on Friday, this is a 'we are bored waiting for the others' selfie.

On Saturday we visited Winterswijk instead of swimming.

For the evening barbecue Jip and I wore aprons and looked like peasant girls.

The last day I was so tired I forgot to put on make-up but I did manage to put my hat on, think it matches well with my new snood (made for me by Jip) Photo's: Loic Benot

The following weekend I had a birthday in Winschoten, in the nothern part of the Netherlands. Because it was so far it was a sleepover as well.

I wore a new to me rayon dress with abstract fruit print and a straw hat that matches ever so many dresses. 

The next day we visited Grongingen. I wore a floral cotton, with the same hat.

B-day girl and my personal guide Lisette :)
Guiding away

Groningen station

Train selfie with Martine, we travelled back together.

The weekend after that I went to my grandparent's (see last post).

Two weeks ago we had a girl's slumberparty in Alkmaar at my friend Lynn's place.

My outfit: 30's/40's rayon dress (has been on the verge of death ever since I bought it and I've mended it so many times but that print is just too lovely to let go). Again THE hat. Espadrilles my mother bought for me in Spain. I took a matching umbrella too, but luckily I did not have to use it.

Lynn is a wonderful hostess, all the food she serves is not only tasty but beautifully styled :)

We went to see some sights in Alkmaar. In the back is the 'waag' where they used to weigh things.
There was some wind...and up goes my skirt

This shop makes shopping for household utensils a joy! Those featherdusters!

Bought some things, starch (had been looking for it but seemed to have disapeared from normal stores), earrings and lipcote from Primark (yes Primark), and white jasmin tea.

Lynn made a lovely fruitbowl that drank like lemonade, but...

Cinnamon rolls!

Let them (us) eat cake!


In the evening I changed into my pj's. I had made the pants as beach pyjama pants (two posts ago) but decided I wanted a pyjama fit for sleepovers (as I either had seetroughish nightgowns or flannel men's pyjama's). I still had a dress I made form the same fabric years ago that I did not wear anymore. So cut of the skirt to make it into the top. The turban is made out of the skirt.

When it was still a dress in 2010

Lynn's evening set.

My outfit for the second day: 1930's blouse combined with a 1940's/50's sundress. Most of the day we spent in our pj's on  the couch in front of the telly though, perfect Sunday!

I wore the new earrings right away together with my favorite brooch.
In the evening we went for a drink, to close off a lovely weekend!

Above is part of my packing list for the last weekend of August (no pictures of me wearing all of this though, so you'll have to imagine)
I rather like this collor combo: 30's sheer silk mousseline dress, 30's/40's cotton dress and apron, early 30's cotton dress, 40's cotton dress.
My new Primark earrings go with each of these!
Finally, after a relatively cold and wet summer it was tropical, so I could make use of some light summerdresses I bought especially for hot weather and had not been able to wear yet!

Next week I'll go on my yearly roadtrip with my father, so I'm planning outfits again. The aim is to pack light, yeah right...wishful thinking ;)


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