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Visit to cruise ship 'De Rotterdam' & outfit

Last Sunday I visited a friend in Rotterdam. We had decided to do some sightseeing on the museum cruise ship 'De Rotterdam'. It was lovely and formed a very good backdrop to take some pictures :)

But first a quick look at my outfit:

What I do when I'm travelling by train being bored: take trainselfies, I don't care if other passengers see me take them. Yes, I'm a little vain, so what ;)

The dress:
I wore a late 30's/40's dress with some amazing soutache embroidery. I remember I was researching the influence of Russian emigrees on the Parisian fashion world a bit when I bought the dress. I was reading about the popularity of 'ethnic/Russian' embroidery in the 20's and the house of Kitmir that worked for Chanel. Though of another period the style of this dress struck a note at the time because of the embroidery and cossack shirt reference.
If anyone is interested in a little bit of my research you can read it here (in Dutch):

The hat:
This hat works very well with the colors of the dress but is so amazing in itself. Such a flying saucer! It ties at the back with the little flaps of grosgrain forming a bow. And the feathers make it truly crazy, and I love crazy hats! I did have to take care not to poke out any eyes though...

These art deco style earrings are a favorite of mine, the red piece in the middle is holow glass and they make a nice tingling sound when worn. On my coat I wore a black bakelite bow brooch to correspond with the bow at the back of the hat.

The coat:
I wore a red and black speckled tweed coat.  

It is double breasted with two rows of these red buttons.

The gloves (I hardly wore):
Recent fleamarket find. You can never have enough gloves even it they are only held decoratively in hand ;)

This picture gives a good overview of the entire ensemble. It was taken in the hallway of  'Hotel New York' where we had a cup of coffee to start the day.

They put some luggage on display at the entrance, the sign read you should not handle the luggage in any way, so naturally I had to....but I'm not really touching anything ;)

De Rotterdam was built in the late 50's and was in function until 2000. It was first used for transatlantic voyages and later as a cruise ship. It is now docked in Rotterdam and functions as a museum and a hotel.

My friend Marinka in front of one of the old commercial photo's that are shown on the ship

Our first visit was to the machinerooms which we entered through the old swimmingpool.

Again some old photo's showing it in its former glory.

A bit of a sorry sight these days

Oof that's cold

Mirrorselfie ;)

Most of the machines were painted in reseda green, that was a popular color for about everything ;)

This is where the course of the ship was adjusted. It looks complicated, but quite pretty

After lunch we visited the upper decks with some glamorous interiors. There is an audiotour but what is great is that there are hosts everywhere who are very enthousiastic and give a lot of extra information and make you feel welcome - like a guest on a cruiser- aboard. Unlike most museums you can touch most things, sit on the chairs etc., great for taking photo's!

Large parts of the interior are in a original or restored state. I loved the furniture.

One of the many artworks that are incorporated in the ship.

The Queen's Lounge:
Drinks maybe?

The Smoking Room with a depiction of smokers from different continents (would be a no go now). Those chairs!

The backs of these couches could be turned to either face inside our outside.

The 'Tropical Bar'

The same bar back in the day.

The Grand Ballroom that used to be called the Ritz Carlton but had to be renamed later.

Those stairs were screaming for a photo moment.

The painting in the back depicts life around the aegean sea.

Ambassador Lounge, the 'night club' of the ship.
Where they used to party untill the early hours.

Still waiting for that drink ;)

The captains cabin (with TV)

On one of the decks.

This one did have enough lifeboats..


Bye bye Rotterdam (not really)

As a last picture our silhouettes:
That crazy feather!


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