dinsdag 8 november 2016

Autumn look in three layers

 A thing I always have to get used when autumn sets in is having to calculate how not to be too cold, or too warm.
The answer is layering of course, but the challenge is to make every layer work in itself and as part of the whole look. Very different from summer when I put on a dress pick the right accessories and that's that.
This Friday I wore an outfit in three layers. To make it easier for myself I usually pick two main colors instead of going completely ton sur ton. This time it was black and dark brown, not a very common combo given that they are both considered basic colors and would soon look very dull together. I tried to make it work however and I think it turned out quite well.  
I'll go through the three, actually four layers.

No I'm not going to show my underwear ;) but the fact that my 'blouse' is actually a dress. I don't have that many blouses so I often wear a thin dress with a skirt over it. I really wanted to wear my black skirt suit but not a black hat so I went for brown. This dress being a very vibrant satin makes it perfect to create a 'dressy' look. Also pictured are my stockings. They are fully fashioned nylon's but look a lot like rayon when worn.

Layer 1:
I finally managed to replace the worn out elastic waistband inside this skirt last weekend so I was happy to be able to wear it again. Strangely enough the size of the skirt was bigger than that of the jacket so next to replacing the elastic I also took it in quite a bit to make it more fitted in the waist and I'm very happy with the result.

Layer 2:
With the jacket.

Layer 3:
I had two coat options a black coat with astrakan sleeves and this one in a rich brown. I went for brown in the end because it would make the purse come out much better.

The coat features some amazing buttons. It has quite a luxurious feel to it. I was surprized to find out a very similar coat  from the same brand is on show at the 'Fashion on the Ration' exhibition at the Imperial War Museum as part of a display of utility clothing! My coat did not look very 'wartime austerity' to me ;)

This is the Alexon coat from the Imperial War Museum:
The cut is almost identical upon closer inspection so I'd expect it to be from the same collection. The biggest difference next to the rows of buttons on the side is that my coat does not have a utility CC41 label.

It only has an Alexon label. After seeing the museum piece I found a trace of another label that has been cut out at the side seam of the lining. It is white and you can see a black stripe at the top so: might it have been a CC41 label?


Everyting was accessorized in black and brown: Earrings (modern), dark brown leather gloves and a black purse with art deco closure.

The closure has a brown element in it.

Brown felt hat that is difficult to date, could be anything 30's to 50's. I wore my hair half up (to compliment the hat) half down. It had to be sturdy enough to withstand a day about town in damp autumn air, changing into an evening outfit and going out in the rain.

I met with my friends Martine and Lynn for lunch and went for a little shopping after.

Here we are in front of Marbles Vintage where they took a picture of us for their Instagram. The gloves we are holding are from their shop.

We also popped into the Rijksmuseum for an hour to see the exhibitions.

So good to have these stylish girls as friends.

 Just look Lynn's amazing hat!

A pity I forgot to take a picture of my evening look as it took a different turn on the layering concept.

Actually there are a lot of outfits that do not end up on this blog but only on Instagram. I like Instagram as a medium a lot but I miss being able to write a bit about the things I wear. I'm thinking about doing a 'outfits' post with several looks from the last month or so with some extra info.
Would you like me to?


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