donderdag 5 maart 2015

1940’s outfit between winter and spring



You know that time between the end of February and the end of March (sometimes even April) when the days are lengthening  and the birds start singing early in the morning. Your eyes and ears think spring has already arrived, only when you feel the icy wind when going out it is still winter. I always find it a difficult period dress wise. After months of wearing all my favorite dark winter dresses they suddenly seem rather inapropriate as do the summer florals (I’d like to wear) and autumn colors.
One of my favorite hues fort his period is light blue (like the sky) combined with something darker. Non floral prints are also a good compromise between cold and warm season looks.  


For this outfit, in a mid to late 1940's style, I’ve combined a dress that features both the bright blue as well as a witty novelty print with a warm wool jacket.


The dress is made out of rayon and dates form the late 1940’s to early 1950’s. It has the sweetest flower shaped buttons and smocked details on the shoulders and waist. The print is one of white and black fans (that somehow remind me of petticoat tail cookies). This makes choosing other components of the outfit easy.


The jacket is of black wool and rather warm. It can be worn instead of a coat on days over 10 dregrees Celsius (so maybe this weekend!). It has an American label for ‘fair labor standards’ but no brand. The shoulders are very sharp and square without making the jacket to boxy because of the sleek cut of the sleeves. It closes with a single button made of wood. The most interesting details are two bows made of the same wool fabric in a soutache technique.


To continue the color scheme of the print of the dress: A white baret and black velvet shoes (they are new  and I bought because of the combination of the T-trap and thick creeper soles, making them look very chunky but elegant and giving me a bit of length without a heel, ideal for shopping) with dark stockings.  Usually I combine this dress with white gloves and a black handbag (not in the pictures).


One of the good things about dry sunny weather when temperatures are neither icy nor warm is that it is perfect for keeping the curls in your hair. Even though they do frizz a bit it is not nearly as bad as when the weather is dry and sunny but freezing.  

Hope to see you soon!


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