vrijdag 13 maart 2015

A last farewell to winter: fur trimmed coat & vintage magazine inspiration

Winter is nearly over and last weekend temperatures were rising well above 10 degrees C. As they were down again this week it was time to give my wintercoats a last spin.
The recently bought the coat in the picture at  my favorite stall at the Waterlooplein fleamarket in Amsterdam. It is made of heavy wool and has an extra layer of wadding in the chest area. The shoulderline is widenened by the collar that is trimmed with black fox fur. The hems of the side pannels have been trimmed with the same material giving this coat a stunning silhouet. The coat probably dates form the 1940's (pre new look given its length) combining an hourglass shape with pronounced shoulders.
I was so glad to find this coat in such a feminine shape and that stunning trim. A fur trim makes an outfit ever so sophisticated and expensive looking. A good look to go for ;)
Fur trims were and are very popular (lets not get into the ethics of this). The pictures below are from a Dutch magazine called 'Het Rijk der Vrouw' (the empire of the woman)  from the years 1937 through 1940. I've been looking at some of the fab fur trims in this for years so they were a real inspiration for wanting a coat like this.


I think my coat looks most like the coats in the three pictures above




So many different trims make we wish for many coats to find :), but that is for the next winter season.
The bordeaux red hat I'm wearing has a  pre-WWII label from 'De Bijenkorf' a big Dutch department store chain that still exists today. The hat may still be carried on into my spring wardrobe the coat however will return to my closet for colder days to come.
Now let spring come as I have some great coats  in store for that as well!

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  1. Coats are soe of hte pices I actually don't want to see till next october or even november ... but jour vintage coat is a fabulous piece, I could swoon over all the time. :)

  2. Miss B,
    You do... you truly DO look like a lady from the vintage magazine.


  3. Thank you for your lovely compliments! Posts on my spring/summer wardrobe (including a pale blue summer coat and lots of floral dresses) are comming soon!