zaterdag 7 maart 2015

A-mazing finds: a treasure hunt at the textile market of the Nederlandse Kostuumvereniging (Dutch Costume Society)


Today I had the most amazing time shopping :). Every year the Dutch Costume Society  (Nederlandse Kostuumvereniging) has a textile market where I always find wonderful, unique and sharply priced items. As a member you get the chance to rummage through all the great stuff before the general public does.

Today's treasures include:

1. A 1930's evening dress.

This 1930's silver/gold brocade evening dress is so stunning, quite rare to find something like this within my budget! I was really glad someone pointed it out to me :), it fits like a glove. I long for glamourous parties to come.

2. Lounging pajama's

The second find I'm over the moon with are these lounging pyjama's. They are from the late 1920's or 1930's and feature some very decorative embroidery. The jacket is styled in a 'Chinese' fashion you often see with these kind of pj's. I'm fascinated by lounging wear but do not often find it at a next to nothing price. Who will throw me a pyjama party?

3. Wrap around bolero/kimono

Another thing that is inspired by Oriental fashion: a bolero that can be tied around the waist. It is made of kimono fabric. I wonder wether it might have been made from an actual kimono. I'm not sure if it was meant to be so, but it can be worn reverse as well. Not entirely sure of the date  but I could really see this go well with 1930's fashion.

4. 1920/30's evening cape

The next thing I got wrapped up in was this adorable capelet made of silk velvet and with a remarkable trim of the same fabric.

5. 1940's blouse

Just a nice basic at a good price.

6. 1930's wool dress

Lovely and warm.

7. Silk slip dress

Made of crêpe de chine, so soft and flowy, like butter around your body!

8. 1920's onesie  underwear

Bought it for the cute details. Might not be the most practical thing to wear, it buttons down at the back all the way to the front.....
Early example op ready to wear with standard sizes (44, would be about 38 now)

10 Straw summer hat

Normally I find so many accessoiries at this market but this year it was quite meagre: only two summer hats. Probably 1930's of 1940's. Very good quality. I have been looking for good straw hats for such a long time, so hard to find!

11. Straw boater

A matelot style but in an unusual color scheme. Not 100% sure about the date, but it did 'feel' old.

12 Velvet flowers

I really wanted to find some nice flowers to put on hats etc. as they are still reasonably priced at this market.

So that was most of what I found. Treasure hunt accomplished, great day spent!

See you soon!


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