vrijdag 11 maart 2016

Coats, dresses, stockings & other new wardrobe additions

 As I still don't have all the pictures of my weekend in Paris just a quick inbetween blog about some recent wardrobe additions:
1: 1940's dress with red embroidery.
I've found this at the new Episode store on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. A lovely daydress I've already worn to work. It reminds me a bit of preasant style dresses from the 1920's, but this is about 20 years later ofcourse. When I tried it on I automatically thought the buttons would be in the back. When the fit was rather off it tried it the other way around and found out that was the way it should be worn.

 2: Blue 1940's evening dress
After I had payed for the dress above I saw two evening dresses hanging behind the counter. This one worked perfectly for me. It's the kind of style you often saw as wedding of bridesmaids dresses in the 1940's, so I wouldn't be surprized if this has been worn at a wedding.  
For me it is a good 'small' eveningdress. Good for dinnerparties, theatre and such, where a revealing dress would be a bit inapropriate but you do want a floorlenght skirt. Because the material is transparent it does not have to look to buttoned up, depending on the slipdress. When I tried it on I did not have a slip so I wore it over my underwear & stockings (only a few teenage tourist girls were there so I couldn't care less). Looked rather nice, but I don't think I'd dare go out in it like that.
The top of the sleeves is actually smocked, such a nice little detail. Again very often seen on weddingdresses. And those satin buttons at the back, no side zips or snaps whatsoever (so bridal, again)! Does make it impossible to put it on my mannequin because it can't pop over its shoulders.
3: 1940's blue wool coat
Last Saturday I went to the yearly market of the Dutch Costume Society, where I usually find lots of bargains. And found some this year, but I did get the feeling it was a bit less than previous years (I always save up a certain amount of cash, and only spent half my budget). 
I was very glad to find this blue coat for next to no money though! I wear a lot of dark blue and did not have a coat in that color yet, so it has been on my whishlist for a long time.
It is a relatively simple coat but is has some nice decorations at the front.
I think it probably dates from the 1940's given the way it was made, though it could pass for 30's when worn. It is a kind of coat I can use for everyday wear, and won't be affraid cycling in.

4: Evening coat
Another find from last Saturday is this lamé evening coat. It would go well with the long black skirt I've also found (but hard to photograph)
The relief was probably pressed into the fabric.

5: Housedress
Glamorous yet comfy loungewear is always welcome. This housedress was in a fixer upper state and I spent part of last Sunday making it presentable again.
Saturday I was in such doubt whether to buy this or not, given the state it was in, but who could resist such sleeves.  
As you can see in the picture I'm wearing a snood, perfect for lazy days or days when the wheather and curls just don't work together.
This was a late birthday girft from my friend Jip. She makes and sells them in all kinds of colors! https://www.facebook.com/thesnoodshop/?fref=ts
I think a snood also goes very well with a hat, as you can see in the pictures below.
6: Hats
I've bought the hat on the right last Saturday and the one on the left from the internet. They are both made from straw and are perfect for the coming spring and summer.
I do not have that many black hats, so I was quite happy to find this one with nice black and white feathers.
7: Stockings
Bought some more stockings last Saturday too. Two pairs of rayon (the label says matzijde meaning, not shiny silk, probably because rayon was often called artifial silk)
I bought two real silk pairs from the 1920's as well
I can imagine wearing these with the late 10s/early 20's summerdresses I have.
The black pair has a decorative clocked  (faux) seam (at the ankle). This is a feature that was common in stockings from the 17-19th centuries that became fashionable again in the 20's.
Wonder how long these will last as silk usually gets brittle.
8: Jacket
To conclude this post: a  wool jersey jacket I've bought over a month ago. I think it was made out of some army uniform garment, I guesss during the aftermath of WWII.  It has weird seams and the darker bands are some kind of horsehair. I am really curious of what part of what kind of uniform it was made. Though I am a costume historian I know little of uniforms. So if anyone knows please let me know!
Hope to have all the Paris pictures soon!

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  1. Such a lovely finds! I've been in Amsterdam 3/4 times now and have visited a lot of vintage shops, also Episode but I wasn't really lucky, I didn't found anything.
    I really want to go to Amsterdam again! And hopefully a little bit more luck...

    1. hope you will find something to your liking during your next visit. I'm still working on a 'vintage shopping guide to Amsterdam'kind of post. But never seem to get round finishing it.

  2. Nice finds!

    That jacket really is a mystery! I'm having a crazy idea about it... It looks like its made up of multiple parts. You say perhaps post-war made up from uniforms. My idea: could it be made up from the military Long Johns? That could be an explanation for the fabric and width of the strips/pieces. Perhaps the longjohns were dyed before sewing the jacket. And longjohns is an uniformpiece that's easier to discard off, without the superiors noticing. Well that's my crazy idea ;-)

    1. I don't think your idea is crazy at all, seems very plausible. It is certainly the right kind of fabric. Justs shows how scarce fabric had become. Still wondering what the darker bands could have been though, that is much rougher fabric,(would've been very unpleasant as underwear).