maandag 28 maart 2016

My Easter weekend

A quick recap of my Easter weekend so far. Lots of other things I've been up to lately will follow in another post.
I wore the outfit above to an afternoon with Club Interbellum. One of the members organized a kind of exchange/sell-on market at his house, which is a yearly tradition. The outfit features clothes and accessoiries that have all featured in earlier blogposts in different combinations. Saturday was the first kind of warm day of the year so I did not have to wear a coat! Spring! Finally!
Here are just some pictures of the afternoon, not made by me, plucked form Facebook:

Discussing dresses...
Here are the new to me clothes I took home:
I'd been looking for a good brown day dress for a while as I have a lot of brown hats. I traded this with Marjolein for a summer dress I hardly wore. It goes so well with a hat I bough from her the year before (and that I wore to the Utrecht tweedride)
Same for this dress, a more sober summer dress, also from Marjolein. A good addition as I always find myself with too many birght floals that are not suitable for any occasion.
Next to the two dresses I got some great accessoiries and separates.
The  black wide-brimmed hat came with a box from 'Maison de Bonneterie' an upscale store that has been around for a long time but closed about a year ago. I've bought it from Frank who organized the afternoon and has a great eye for women's hats.
Simple blouse.
Little jumper. The color of which matches my favorite find of the day:
This red hat with a blue brim and lovely hatpin. It will be the starting point of my outfit for the next Tweedride that will take place on the 8th of May in Amsterdam! So exited!
I might also wear this sturdy cotton skirt. Because of the deep pleats at the front it looks like a parted skirt when worn (so perfect for a tweedride). Judging by the lenght and style it dates from the late 40's/early50's. It would be more flattering if I made it a bit shorter, so I'm considering cutting off about 10 cm, to make it look more mid 40's. What do you think?
Also bought this men's tie. Not sure how, but I'll probably make it work.
On Easter Sunday I wore my first floral print dress of the season. I did pair it with a wool cardigan however, as it was not a warm as the day before.
Some details of the cardigan and dress.
I visited my friend Lynn at her adorable house in Alkmaar together with Martine (who was not in the mood for being photographed).
We were spoiled with a beautiful Easter lunch/ high tea.

With some drinks, as we all like sweet liqueur.

Lynn with a bottle of coke :)
Lynn and me in the window sills of her house, photo taken by Martine :)
Today I felt a bit off so I only did some stuff around the house, washing, mending etc. I'm wearing an easy pair of wide legged trousers (H&M, wish I'd bought more at the time) and the blouse I bought Saturday.
Togehter they look like a set of loungwear.
That concludes my Easter so far. Just heard a friend is comming over and we'll probably watch a silly movie and order pizza. Perfect ending to my Easter weekend!
Hope to be back soon, with more pictures from what I've been wearing and doing lately!

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